Taking out time for gratitude

This post is a digression from skin care. After much thought, I couldn’t help but share with You guys here.

I was placed on admission at the hospital for a few days.  I was not feeling or looking sick, my eyes were the problem and would almost have lost vision in my left one , if not for the timely intervention.

While I was at the eye clinic(opthalmology), I missed the comfort of my home and my Babygirl, we have never been apart so it was hard for me.

During my stay, I had a series of injections in my left eye and also in my veins (iv), plus other medications.

Did I feel pain? Yes definitely. Especially after the eye injections.

However, it was a also a period of reflection for me.20171009_103941

1) I learnt to cherish every moment with my toddler during the day, when she came to visit.

2) ‘Health is wealth’, indeed. I got to appreciate mine.

she says ‘cheese’ with her whole face


I became more appreciative…

For the comfort I had in the hospital. Many people don’t have a proper square meal , not to talk of affording health care. Sincere prayers go out to the less privileged.

For the gift of Family…

and good friends

For Acquaintances and good-hearted people..


Finally, we all are in a journey and have Our struggles, let’s try to respect one another and give support where possible.

Have You watched the movie “Collateral Beauty”? It stars Will Smith and other great actors. I loved it and think You will too. It shows how One can find beauty in every situation, even in loss..

Stay Beautiful






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