Things I wish I was told as a new parent

I am no expert, neither have I finished learning. If You ask me, One never stops gaining experience when it comes to children. This may be through failures, mistakes or even successes. As a new parent, You probably have read and heard a lot of pieces of advice and tips. They range from Breastfeeding, nappy change, bathing, etc. Here are some I have learned and observed over time with my now parent

You may not connect instantly

When a woman is pregnant, and the period following childbirth. So many hormones surge and fluctuate in the blood. They have the power to change moods, to name one thing. It is very normal that You may not feel any connection after delivering Your Baby. Take it easy and give it time. If You think You need support, talk about it to a confidante.

There will be sleepless nights

I remember my pre-Baby days when I would have a class the next morning. I would catch up with my Daily TV series and end up sleeping late at night without a care in the world. Fast forward in time… Hello!! The Boss of the house is here and You have to stay awake to play or change diapers until she is ready to go back to sleep.

Some of those sleepless nights may be because they are sick. Don’t lose it, give them some tender loving and care (TLC) and they will be well in no time. HANG IN THEREnew parent

There will be fears and anxiety

This becomes a new everyday feeling.

There are times You feel like a bad parent.

Don’t be too hard on Yourself. Remember You were not perfect before she came, so why do You have to be now? Your child sees You as their hero. They will only hang on to the best memories, those little hugs, and kisses. Those days when You would sing and dance and jump around with them.

You have to make compromises

That’s right, but don’t lose Your dreams and ambitions. There are days You may feel it’s impossible. Always turn them around to be a motivation to work harder instead. Make some alone time every now and then. A healthy and happy You is necessary, for You, Baby, and everyone else.

When it comes to the health of Your child

Being too neat is an issue

I have heard of keeping the house tidy when the Baby comes. However, it is also good to expose her to the real world. Have You heard of the saying ‘An African man is never killed by a disease’?. I don’t know the origin of this but I believe the reason is that those of us who were raised in some parts of Africa were exposed to so many infections. As a result, the typical African Man/woman who survives has a very powerful immunity.

A Baby gets passive(weak) immunity for their mother during pregnancy, they have to gain an active/stronger one as they grow through infections(mostly viral), vaccines.

Listen to Your child cries, whims, changed eating, sleeping patternsnew parent

Now comes to the part where they get sick, which is inevitable. Some of the most common conditions are viral. These are the common cold, throat infections, skin rashes, also bite reactions.

Most of them come with fever, loss of appetite, increased bouts of crying and irritability.

Have a thermometer, painkiller like Paracetamol handy. You should be the best judge of Your child’s condition. Contact the GP whenever You have any concerns. Observe, observe, observe at all times.

Do not give antibiotics at every chance You getnew parent

Most of the children’s illnesses are viral (except in infectious environments), thereby do not require Antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescribed for Bacterial Infections. Let Your Doctor decide that. The reason is that too much intake of Antibiotics, especially at such a tender stage of the child, can result in the Bacteria from being killed or stopped by the medicine.

Limit Antibiotic use as much as You can.

Give them Your love, that’s all they will stick to through their lives

If You are going to read one part in this post, then this is it. Your love is all they need. Love comes in different ways, including scolding.



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