Sensitive skincare- My recommended Face wash and creams

Anyone can have a sensitive skin , although people with extremely dry skin are more prone to sensitivities (this is because of the reduced barrier function of the skin) . Finding the right Sensitive skincare is very crucial in order to prevent any further damage to the already delicate skin.

If You have sensitive skin, avoid:

  • Over washing and exfoliation: Washing the face once daily is more than enough. After washing, do not rub the skin to dry, instead pat it gently or allow it to air-dry.IN addition Exfoliating the skin too often or rigorously can lead to irritation.


  • Very hot water : I mentioned in an earlier post that habits like bathing with very hot water can cause drying up of the skin and rid the skin of its natural essential oils. Thereby, making it vulnerable to sensitivities.


  • Sunlight exposure


There are so many sensitive skincare products in the market.

However, these are the qualities You should look for in a good one :

  • It is clearly written on the product that it is for sensitive skin
  • contains little or no fragrance
  • Alcohol free
  • Paraben free
  • contains little alkaline substances
  • They have an acidic pH(5.5), very close to that of the skin.
  • They contain calming ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera, milk, shea butter,honey.

When we talk about skincare products, we think of the price tag, as well as the availability (how easily we can find them)

Below are some effective, yet affordable topical products I think are a must-have for every skin type. They lock in moisture in the skin as well as soothe it, amongst other great properties. They are also good as first-aid for first-degree burns.

  1. Vaseline
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Shea butter
  4. Glycerin

Finally, these are my recommended ranges of products. They are not all found everywhere around the world. However, the internet has made the world a small place , thanks to online ordering.


  1. La roche posay-Toleriane range  :  Although they are a bit pricy, a little amount goes a long way. Therefore, they usually last for long before they get used up.

sensitive skincare products

Where You can find them: Available in most pharmacies in Europe and US (Boots, Superdrug stores)

For oily sensitive skin, try La roche posay Effaclar face wash for oily and sensitive skin.


Bioderma-Atoderm range : These products are designed for very dry and sensitive skin

Click HERE to see the countries Where You can find them 

Sebamed : These are mostly washes. The cleansing bar and facial wash are really good . In addition, they are not too expensive.

Where You can find: Can be found in Pharmacies in almost in every part of the world. They are widely available. My family and friends in Nigeria with sensitive skin love Sebamed.

Yves Rocher:

These are my second best, after La roche posay. They have designed a wide range of products for sensitive skin.

Where You can find: Click here to see the store locator


Do not forget to use sunscreen.











  1. Ritso | 5th Jul 17

    I recently started using the laroche posay gel cleanser for oily skin.. am actually loving it and would love to try more products from them.

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 5th Jul 17

      I love love their products. Try the effaclar mat sebo regulator moisturizer as well.. winkss

  2. Rukayat | 6th Jul 17

    Very helpful post.

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 7th Jul 17

      Glad it is.. 🙂

  3. skincarestruggles | 17th Oct 17

    Great post! I’ve heard good things about Bioderma…I’ll definitely share this with my sister, who has really sensitive skin. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 17th Oct 17

      Yeah that was the first product I started using and I loved it..
      awwww thank You Dear 🙂
      I will take time and acknowledge it.. xxxx

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