Some (awkward) misunderstandings about skincare


There is a belief among some dark-skinned persons that skin care involves bleaching.

Bleaching is another word for artificial whitening of the skin. This is achieved when the uppermost layer of the skin, epidermis, is stripped off. Recently, a lot of colored people have found bleaching fashionable.

I would say it’s more of a preference or procedure than a way of looking after the skin.

Toning, on the other hand is a part of routine skin care. Using a toner after cleansing helps to close up pores and gives a refined skin texture. It also further cleanses the care

Skin care is only for the face

Truthfully,On a normal day, we tend to look after what is most obvious to the outside world, and that is the face, hands and feet. But caring for the skin surpasses these parts of the body. It entails caring for the whole body, including the hoo-hoo’s .

The skincare product that is perfect for the face, may be bad for the rest of the body,vice versa. Therefore, it is important to know the skin type on every part of the body (for example: in most cases, if the face,shoulders and back are oily , the rest of the body is dry) . Knowing Your skin type helps to choose the right products for it.

Cosmetic and make-up

These are only a part of skin care.

It feels good to look good. It feels better to feel good deep down. In other words, make-up is nice and enhances one’s appearance, but it is short term. While having a nice skin to go with it adds that confidence. With a healthy looking skin, make-up looks better.

skin care

It is only about the skin

The name skin care is a bit misleading. Taking care of the skin goes beyond the skin.

Genetics, lifestyle, habits, systemic diseases, among others all reflect on the skin. Let’s call skin symptoms the ‘tip of the iceberg’. A lot goes on beneath it , what shows on it is only a little share of the big deal.

Therefore, keeping healthy habits does a lot of justice to skincare. This is not just to prevent any skin symptoms but also to alleviate some that are unavoidable. I will give examples for both scenarios

  • Preventing premature ageing: Sunlight exposure is a big risk factor for premature wrinkles. Using sunscreens or products containing SPF (Sun protection factor) is highly recommend by skin experts.
  • Reducing eczema symptoms: Although some forms of eczema are genetic (therefore inevitable), the flares can be prevented by avoiding triggering factors.
  • Dehydration: This manifests in places such as the lips. In severe cases, the skin loses its elasticity.Adequate fluid intake is crucial in getting a healthy skin.

Just for the girls/ladies

Guys guys guys!! Looking after the skin is not only for the ladies. Yes, guys have a stronger, more resilient skin than girls (it is scientifically proven). However, they also suffer from as much skin conditions as ladies do. For example, aftershave bumps and infections, jock itch..and all of these should be dealt with in the right way too.

skin care

Fighting the ageing process

I have come across some ridiculous and mocking comments like ‘You think You will not get old even after rubbing all of these(products) on Your skin?’.

Skin care has a basic aim, and that is a healthy skin! Ageing is a normal part of growing up, and should be embraced wholeheartedly. However, Our lifestyles, sunlight exposures etc are likely to expose the skin to premature wrinkles, and even cancer. Taking measures such as Using sunscreens helps to reduce these care

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  1. Olivia Robins | 26th Nov 17

    I have recently developed a rash on my face – and had to step up my skincare regime -as well as my hands – it all improved in a few weeks zz

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 28th Nov 17

      Ah glad to hear that..maybe You were reacting to something. Thanks for reading xxx

  2. scrapbookadventures365 | 26th Nov 17

    Great points, I dont really have a skin care regime but thinking I need to develop one as I get older!

  3. Lyndsey OHalloran | 26th Nov 17

    I had sadly neglected my skin this year and I really need to get back to moisturising daily!

  4. Beth @ | 26th Nov 17

    Oooh, bleaching doesn’t sound too nice… and maybe not so good for the skin either really. It’s very important to look after all areas of your skin. Great advice here! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 28th Nov 17

      I don’t think it is either, but to each his own ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  5. Claire justine | 27th Nov 17

    I do not really have a skin care routine, as and when I remember. But I really need to start taking care of my face now I am getting older.

  6. Jenni | 27th Nov 17

    Yikes, I’d never heard about skin bleaching before! I’m guilty though of neglecting my skin care beyond my face.

  7. Rhian Westbury | 27th Nov 17

    I always forget about using skincare on more than just my face, people always say to moisturize your neck as it shows off your age the most x

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 27th Nov 17

      Yes that’s trying to pay more attention to my neck now xx

  8. Kat | Kitty & B | 27th Nov 17

    Iโ€™m a dark skinned person and bleaching is certainly not part of my skincare! Ouch! I canโ€™t say I know anyone who would say differently. Our skin is so precious, itโ€™s really important, as you say, to treat it well, isnโ€™t it!

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 27th Nov 17

      Yeah I agree with You. But it has become a norm with some dark-skinned people, this has made a lot of others wary of the ‘moisturising creams’ sold in the market..

  9. Elizabeth | 27th Nov 17

    I confess my skincare regime involves nothing more that washing with plain soap and putting on a bit of moisturizer in the morning. Must be working as I look ten years younger than I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 27th Nov 17

      Wow.. that’s a simple,not over the top routine. You must have a youthful skin naturally xx

  10. skincarestruggles | 28th Nov 17

    These are great tips! I hated my skin when I was younger, but now I have to say I’m so thankful for it since it forced me to take care of my skin from a young age. Though the areas I target have differed since getting older, I still like to treat my skin to the best possible ingredients I can get my hands on ๐Ÿ™‚ I nominated you for both the Versatile Blogger and Blogger Recognition awards!

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 28th Nov 17

      Thanks Dearie..yas! we have to some justice to’s Ours after all..awww..thanks gurl, will read Yours xx

  11. Katie | 28th Nov 17

    I think now i’m in my mid 30’s I really need to start looking after my skin. I’ve never had much of a routine other than soap and water, better start looking into it.

    Katie xoxo

  12. katykicker | 28th Nov 17

    I tend to think of skincare as only been for the face. Definitely changing my perception now!

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 28th Nov 17

      Hehe.. You are not alone trust me, I think almost all of Us have that mindset xxx

  13. misschissyblog | 28th Nov 17

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts ..they are very informative

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 28th Nov 17

      I was about to sleep, then I saw Your message. Now, I have a big smile on my face..thanks a lot Dear xxx

  14. Christy B | 30th Nov 17

    You’re quite right that makeup looks better when the skin is in healthy condition.

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