For the Ladies, skincare tailored to Your cycle

Sounds complicated right? But it is not. It’s okay for Our moods, appetite, sleep patterns to fluctuate. But what we won’t tolerate is the zit(s) popping up from nowhere in places we don’t want. They may not be pimples alone, maybe dry skin also. But before You get the hang of it, another symptom sets in and You don’t want to get frustrated.cycle

I guess You have broken it down Yourself, Your skin, as well as the rest of the body, has a hormonal cycle. Despite Our regular skin types, the female skin can fluctuate because of the different kinds of hormones (notably estrogen and progesterone) that run in Our blood at different phases of the menstrual cycle.

According to Cosmopolitan, the female (in the reproductive age) skin has 3 stages, the Spotty, Dry and Happy/Healthy.cycle

Some tips

Drink lots of fluids, even when You don’t feel like it

Keeping hydrated is the most important tip at every stage. Hydration keeps the skin supple.

Lay off on the stress

In one of my posts about how stress impacts on the skin, I mentioned that one of the big signs are breakouts. Find ways to relax and let go of anxiety. It’s easier said than done sometimes, but it’s doable.

Step up the skincare routine


This varies according to the symptoms and the stage. Firstly, study Your cycle before knowing what to do. It may take some time to figure it out, and cycles fluctuate. However, there is a rhythm to it, no matter how irregular it may be.

During the breakout/spotty stage, be religious on cleansing, especially at night. Afterwards, apply serum and moisturizing cream. Facial masks are helpful to absorb the oil, a hydrating clay mask should do.

The dry skin stage requires lots of hydration, light exfoliation comes in handy to rid the skin of dead cells. Don’t forget to always moisturize. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles and sensitivity, treat it with the utmost gentleness.

The healthy stage is when Your skin glows, don’t falter on the skincare routine. It’s okay to make it according to Your skin type.

Eat well

Now now I didn’t say more, yup it’s ‘well’, as in good food, fruits, and vegetables (if You are not a fruit or veggie person, make do with smoothies, natural juices instead).


I am not talking about the over-the-top kind (if You do that already, good). Take a walk, stretch, relax Your Nerves.

If, after all these precautions it (they) still come out, just let them be. Treat them like visitors- nicely. Before You know it, they will be long gone.

Stay Beautiful xxx





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