Keys to maintaining a youthful Skin

The skin, just like every other part of Our bodies, has a genetic build up. In other words, Genetics has a big role in the type of skin we have. However, having a glowing and youthful skin is not limited to this factor alone, a lot has to do with one’s habits and state of mind. Moreover, the latter determinants can be worked on, now that is good news.youthful skin

The main work is required on the mind

  • Let go of worry and stress
  • Forgive easily and don’t dwell on grudges
  • Be confident in Yourself, building a high self-esteem is key to good health which always reflects on the skin. It does not mean You will not have bad days because You think well of Yourself. It just indicates that You appreciate Your whole self. If You don’t, then who will? how will You be able to let someone commend You?
  • Listen to Your Your Body.

‘If You Love Your Body, You are more likely to take care of it’.youthful skin


Some other great advice for a great skin

  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure like a plague, as much as You can.

And be religious on wearing Sunscreen.

  • Use the right products for Your skin

Finding the right products can take some time. I have learned over time to listen to my skin. Moreover, You will find You need to change products sometimes, this is because the skin may get used to the regular products that it may become insensitive, or the type may just change due to some reasons. So, the important part of this tip is to LISTEN to Your skin.

  • Lay off on the heavy-looking make-up

The simpler and more natural looking the better. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to not sleep with make-up on. This will only result in a vicious cycle of breakouts and/or some other not-so-good effects.

  • Always moisturize

Moisturizing keeps the skin hydrated, thereby giving it a supple feel and appearance.

  • Take particular care of Your eye area  and neck

The eye area and neck expose a person’s state of health earlier than most other parts of the Body. The eye area is so delicate and reflects stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, sensitivities etc. The neck shows some disease manifestations such as high blood sugar. Also, the neck has the ability to increase One’s age by a decade (no kidding). So, be careful what You apply to Your sensitive eye contour, get a good amount of sleep, try to reduce any form of stress. The neck requires as much attention as You give to Your face, include it in Your skincare routine.

  • Keep up with a good diet and stay hydrated

This is the most important point. Food such as nuts, grains, avocados, vitamin-c rich ones, and much more are great for the skin.


youthful skin


Keep being Lovely xx





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