Different Patterns/forms of Eczema, according to the type (1)

Eczema is one of the very common skin conditions. Another word for it is Dermatitis ( Derma means skin, titis is inflammation).

About 1 in 3 people have had one episode in their lives. Some have to manage it through out, because it has remissions and exacerbation (flare-ups).

Eczema writing


  • I will be using dermatitis and eczema interchangeably.

Types of Eczema

There are 10 classifications for it. The classes are based mainly on their varying features, and Slightly on the type of  the treatment.

In this post I will talk about 2 common ones, and the remaining will be explained in the next post.

Atopic dermatitis

About 5% of the UK population suffer from this condition.

People with this type have ‘atopy’,this means that It runs in the same family.

Two more disorders are seen alongside the eczema , these are asthma and hay fever.Eczema

Causes of exacerbations include infections, strong detergents, chemicals, cat and dog fur. In children and infants, dairy products, teething may exacerbate eczema.

Location and pattern:

It usually manifests on inner parts of joints(flexures), such as elbows,ankles, behind the knees and around the neck. The rashes look scaly, red(inflamed) and are very itchy. At the beginning of flare-ups, these rashes produce a fluid substance.

Eczema on the kid’s legs, white background

In addition, people with dark skin may have this type of eczema on the outer part of the mentioned joints above, that is the knees, elbows and ankles and the rashes are bigger in size and thickening of the skin may be seen.

Also, with resolution of the eczema, either darkening or whitening of the skin is seen before the colour goes back to normal.


  • As it is a genetic disease, education and explanation is important for the affected individuals
  • Identification and Avoidance of irritants and allergens
  • Use of emollients, bath oils, soap substitutes
  • Corticosteroid ointments, immune modulators
  • The use of Antibiotics


Contact (allergic and irritant) Eczema

This type is very similar to the atopic dermatitis except it is not genetic.

Furthermore, the reaction is seen in an odd part of the body such as around the neck, secondary to wearing a nickel necklace. The causes are mainly environmental/external.

For allergic contact eczema, examples of causes are nickel(in jewelleries and buckles), cement, latex, perfume, clothes and plants.

Irritant contact dermatitis occurs with exposure to chemicals in detergents, soaps, bleach. Cleaners, hairdressers, mechanics , nurses, stay-at-home wives are commonly affected.

Causes of eczema
Detergents set for cleaning, laundry and house hygiene

Treatment is mostly preventive. This includes avoiding those substances that cause the inflammation. In addition, changing jobs and hobbies may be required.


Stay healthy and Thank You for reading.






  1. Elizabeth | 29th Oct 17

    Such an educational post! I’m so glad that such conditions don’t happen in our family. They sound difficult to treat.

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      It’s good to know You don’t have it. It’s not a nice feeling for thise who suffer from it.

  2. Ray | 29th Oct 17

    This is an interesting read, I didn’t know too much about eczema as no one in my family has it, but now it do!

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      Thank You Ray xx

  3. BattleMum | 29th Oct 17

    Thankfully we are family that don’t suffer from this. I had a boyfriend once who suffered from it and during bad flare ups it could be horrendous!

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      This is indeed a good news. Wow, wish him a fulll recovery xxx

  4. Sarah - Craft Invaders | 29th Oct 17

    I know that suffering with eczema can be very unpleasant. I look forward to ready more about it in your next post

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      I can imagine it to be an unpleasant experience also..thank You Sarah

  5. fashionandstylepolice | 30th Oct 17

    Eczema is one skin condition I have never had to deal with. Great info here for those battling with it. It can be frustrating.

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      Yes me too..glad to hear that xx

  6. John Milnes | 30th Oct 17

    I actually suffer from Eczema. My mother suffered from it, as well as Psoriasis. That is the one thing I don’t want to get, although I think I may have a form of it.

    I am using a cream to calm down the irritations.

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      Oh good to know You have it under control.
      Thank you John

  7. Ger ( It's Me & Ethan) | 30th Oct 17

    Thankfully I don’t suffer with it but my first cousin ,bless her ,had it very bad as a kid. She’s much better these days though . You’ve a wealth of information here with some great suggestions of treating eczema ! Very much appreciate the effort you put in here and the advice x

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      I am happy she’s much better now.Thanks for your kind words..xxx

  8. Sinéad (shinnersandthebrood.com) | 30th Oct 17

    Handy post. My littlest suffers. We have it under control for the most part.

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      Good to hear that Sinead..xxx

  9. Beth @ BethinaBox.com | 30th Oct 17

    3 of my 5 have eczema (funnily enough the 3 also look alike). It’s hard work to keep it under control on times. great advice.

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      ..oh wow ..I can imagine. I hope that it fully remits soon..xxx

  10. Southern Mummy | 31st Oct 17

    Luckily apart from me suffering from the odd mild patch of eczema we have been lucky. I have started noticing very dry rough patches on Emmie’s skin, so I am keeping my eye’s on that, I have a feeling it may be eczema!

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      Yes pls do, so You can tackle it early. Hopefully it’s nothing serious xxx

  11. Zena's Suitcase | 31st Oct 17

    I’m lucky in that I have never had eczema, but my children have had mild bouts. It looks so sore and uncomfortable when the condition is severe

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      Me too..It sure looks like that..xxx

  12. Family Makes | 31st Oct 17

    I didn’t realise eczema was so common. My son has a little bit behind his knees, although it doesn’t bother him too much thankfully.

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      yeah it is as most of Us will have at least an episode..oh good to hear that it does not bother him…xxx

  13. Kerry Norris | 1st Nov 17

    My daughter suffers with eczema and she always gets it on the backs of her legs

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      aww..wish her a quick recovery ..there is a high chance she will grow out of it xxx

  14. Christy B | 1st Nov 17

    It’s good to learn more about this as a friend of mind just had a fare up!

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 1st Nov 17

      Yeah that’s true, sometimes people may just mistake it for an allergy..thank You 🙂

  15. MudpieFridays (@MudpieFridays) | 1st Nov 17

    Monkey has suffered from eczema since he was 6 weeks old. He has the first type. Thankfully he’s starting to grow out of it but we still have to manage it. Egg use to cause it for him too, which he seems to have got over x

    • Nafisah Nuhu-koko | 4th Nov 17

      aww..Hopefully he will grow out of it completely and it will not be a bother anymore xxx

  16. thefrenchiemummy | 1st Nov 17

    I sometimes have the Atopic dermatitis type but nothing severe. I thought eczema was always genetic LOL

  17. dtills | 18th Nov 17

    I didn’t realize there were so many different forms! Thanks for the info 🙂

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