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Beard Grooming

Yeah yeah. So we have successfully allowed the beard to grow, you were able to fight the itch, you got to boost your testosterone levels and the beard is coming to live. Oh my! You thought that was it but no that was just the beginning, the easy part.Beard care

So today I am gonna talk about the hard part which is beard grooming. Beard grooming has a lot of technicalities surrounding it, it has it dos and don’ts.

For starters I would explain why some beards look rough and bushy. This is simple, split ends on each strand of hair.It gives the beard the rough look and it’s usually caused by dry skin, over combing, using bathing soaps to wash the beards etc.

There are routines that when done properly would enable your beard to look good, fashionable and presentable.

Trimming the beard

Trimming should be done by a barber who is a specialist in beard care. Who uses a very sharp scissors or clippers. Trimming should be done at least once in two weeks . This would give the beard the uniform look and also prevent split ends.Beard grooming

Washing the beard

Most people I know wash their beard daily with either bathing soaps or shampoos. Bad practice! No wonder your beard looks rough, dry and itchy. I guess you are surprised. The face actually produces some oils that keeps the beard moisturized and conditioned. Most soaps and hair shampoo contain harsh chemicals which strip off these oils and makes the skin underneath dry and hence causing split ends.  There are now shampoo that are specifically designed for beard care and are made from olive oil and coconut oil. Washing the beard every day would also strip off these oils from underneath the skin, washing every other day would suffice.

Moisturizing and conditioning the beard

Most people use hair conditioners on their beard. Bad idea you would end up irritating the skin underneath the beard. Can you use hair conditioners on your face?  The skin underneath the beard is same as that of the face. Your best bet for moisturizing and conditioning is the use of beard oil and beard balms, they are mostly organic don’t contain any sort of chemicals. Apart from moisturizing and conditioning effect they also soften the beard, prevent itching and makes the beard glitter.

beard grooming
Jojoba oil

Combing the beard

most people use plastic or metal combs, these combs have the ability to build up static energy which leads to breakage of the beard hair while combing it. Wooden combs are the best for combing beard, they don’t build static energy and the soak up the oil and help redistribute it across the beard. They also make the beard softer and lighter. Wooden combs can be made from sandalwood, argan wood or peach tree wood.beard grooming

Brushing the beard

The best kind of brush to use is the wild boar bristle brush. They are known to be gentle on the beard, helps in styling the beard and also redistribute oils across the beard.beard grooming

The key point to grooming beards is to keep it moisturized always, prevent split ends, prevent breakage and style it the way you want like a boss.




  1. Christy B | 19th Nov 17

    This is good with so many men sporting the beard look lately!

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